January is National Radon
Action Month

According to the EPA. Health agencies throughout the United States have joined forces to promote action against the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. The American Lung Association, Centers for Disease Control, and National Cancer Institute all agree that radon is a national health problem and encourage radon testing during the January call to action.

According to EPA estimates, radon gas caused more American fatalities last year than carbon monoxide, fires, and firearms COMBINED.

Radon gas occurs naturally in the soil and water surrounding your home and seeps into the home through holes and cracks in the foundation.  We test home radon levels in south eastern Wisconsin with an emphasis on Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth county.

Our most common radon test is the Real Estate Transaction - Short Term Test.  The inspector will place a computerized continuous radon monitoring device in the subject property as per US EPA standards and protocal. The monitor must remain for at least 48 hours to as long as 5 days. During the sampling period the house must have windows and doors kept closed except for normal entrance and exit of property.  See Test Conditions

At test conclusion, the analysis report will be produced and available the same day.  The cost is $100 if test is performed along with home inspection booked with Advanced Property Inspections or $125 alone.

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